Chicken Hotel Guest Prices
New pricing system!

To simplify our pricing, every hotel suite will now cost £5 per night irrespective of the number of guests.

To make longer stays more economical, for a third week the prices are reduced to £4 per night. A fourth week and onwards prices are reduced further to £3 per night.

Our coops can house up to 6 chickens or 8 bantams.

The FULL Spa treatment!
We now offer a range of additional spa treaments for your chickens at a cost of £2 per treatment per bird.
(Please see our "Extra Services" for more details).


The Chicken Hotel - visiting Butler
A visiting butler service suitable for LARGE flocks

Daily prices are negotiable based upon:

  • Distance
  • Number of visits per day
  • Services required

As a rough guide, local visits with a basic service of 2 visits would cost around £15-20 per day