Extra services

Chicken chauffeur
We are pleased to be able to offer a special chauffeur service as we understand that our guests human carers aren't always able to offer you suitable transportation.

The door-to-door service costs 50p per mile for each trip.

e.g. Falmouth is approximately 10 miles from The Chicken Hotel so pick-up cost would be around 10x50p = £5.

The Chicken Hotel - visiting butler *** NEW ***
If you have a LARGE flock we offer a Chicken Hotel - visiting butler service. We will come to you, check on the well being of your chickens and feed and water them twice a day as a basic service. Prices are negotiable based upon length of service required, distance and any extra requirements you may have.

The FULL Spa treatment *** NEW ***
Make your Chicken Hotel holiday into a full Spa holiday with a few of our added egg-stras at £2 per treatment:

We'll trim your chickens nails and even use emery boards to gently round the tips! In the wild, Chicken ancestors nails would naturally be worn down through scrabbling. But through breeding and domestic enclosures they often don't wear down (especially with lighter breeds like bantams). Roosters nails are especially a problem for the backs of their lady-friends.

Sharp pointy beak? Eating your own eggs? Want a cute, trimmed and rounded schnozle? When you book in for a stay why not add a beak-trim! Gently clipped tips and filed with a slight natural round, if they could smile I'm sure they would.

Ever feel like your chickens are trying to re-enact The Great Escape? Book them in to have their wings clipped while they're staying at The Chicken Hotel. We'll trim one of their wings so that they can't gain a stable flight. This should last until they moult and grow a new set of feathers.

The Chicken Hotel Nursery
If you would like to have some eggs incubated then our experienced team of chicken-midwives have the experience and the facilities here to help you. We can also offer you a brooding facility to bring your chicks on to adolescence. Please contact for more details.

Hotel suites for sale

Due to popular demand our hand made hotel suites are now available for purchase. Please see the "Our Coops" page.