The Chicken Hotel

We love chickens, and we know you do too!

When you go away on holiday you want to know that your chickens are being cared for and loved. That is why we created The Chicken Hotel. Find a local Chicken Hotel so that your ladies can have a holiday of their own when you go away. 

This website is under development

The Chicken Hotel is currently gathering its flock.

We are now accepting applications for Chicken Hotel managers in Wiltshire

Apply to become a Chicken Hotel manager

A Special Level of Care

All of our Chicken Hotel managers are experienced with caring for our beloved feathered friends. They know the level of care and attention that your chickens need and deserve. Be confident in the knowledge that your pets will be looked after, secure and happy in their home from home.

Chicken Boarding

Bring your chickens to your local chicken hotel where they will be cared for in their own private suite with access to a safe outside enclosure. Freshly made beds and all-you-can-eat outdoor buffet as standard.

Chicken visits

Book your visiting Hotel manager to come to your home to care for your chickens twice a day. They will check on your birds, letting them out in the morning and put them back in in the evening.

Chicken egg-stras

Your ladies might need some extra care. Check what services your local Hotel managers offer. Perhaps a Chauffeur service to cluck-and-collect your ladies? Maybe a chick-out deep coop clean by your visiting manager?